New Time-lapse Reel!

I have cut a new time-lapse reel together, this includes some of the London Skyline stuff I have been doing (which I have not posted recently as I have not been stitching them together on the day!) But the London Skyline project is still going strong! Enjoy the reel!

RazorLink Technology

I recently completed a series of 6 videos for Livewire Digital Ltd showcasing RazorLink. RazorLink can dramatically improve the performance of your applications that use TCP, SSL and UDP, which is the majority of applications in use today. If you are moving large files, streaming audio & video or simply want a better, faster more resilient network connectivity, RazorLink Technology …

The Moon! (10/02/16)

A bit of a break from the norm. The moon looked huge as it set over South London last night.