If you are looking to film an event then look no further. I have worked as an event videographer for the past 13 years covering promotional events, conferences, seminars, workshops and gigs, from small hotel meeting rooms to the 02 Arena.

I can work solo or with a crew and deliver HD or 4K multi-cam recordings.


I can put together and oversee an experienced crew to fit your requirements and if you need to keep things small I work solo.


I work with a range of HD & 4K video and mirrorless cameras, as well as broadcast quality audio equipment to ensure we are using the right tools for the job.


I can deliver full multi-camera presentations with any slip-ups cut out, edit an inspiring highlight reel and everything in between.

If you have organised important speakers, I can help you ensure their words are not just heard once. I can record full presentations and provide you with assets your community can benefit from.

A highlight video can capture the buzz of the day and allow those who were not able to attend to get a taste of the event. It’s also a good opportunity to film testimonials, with the video serving as great promotional material.

I have worked with clients to document workshops and training seminars, giving those taking part the opportunity to look back on what they have learnt.

Every project is different, just let me know what you are looking for and we can discuss the best approach to capturing and delivering your content.


For presentations I use dedicated HD & 4K video cameras with face detection, a long zoom range, professional audio inputs and great low light performance. This all adds up to a tac-sharp video with your presenter clearly visible in frame… even if I’m hiding at the back of the room.

For interviews and b-roll I use compact mirrorless cameras with full frame sensors. This allows me to be stay mobile while proving a cinematic shallow depth of field and the ability to use sliders and gimbals to capture footage with high production value.

I use a wide range of audio equipment including broadcast quality radio microphones, shotgun microphones and wireless transmitters.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your project, get in touch.

+44 (0) 7704817036